Transform your Period

A real alternative to tampons, pads and cups.


Vienna, 16th March 2019


Why have I
never heard of it?

Good question. Remember when you have received your period for the first time? Most likely, you had been offered two options: using pads or tampons. Your teacher or parents provided you with basic info about your menstrual cycle and how to deal with your time of the month. But what happened since then? Not much, I would assume. There are many myths, misinformation and unquestioned beliefs about menstruation and the overall female cycle.

“All good in the world comes with great women.”


Natural Flow

Let’s have a look what this technique is not about:

  • No, it is not about bleeding freely all over your clothes.
  • No, you don’t need to have any special super-powers.
  • No, you don’t need to go to the bathroom every single hour.

So, what is it then?

There are some synonyms for this technique: intuitive bleeding, instinctive bleeding, free bleeding,… In the end, the name is not important. Simply put, Natural Flow is about recognizing your own body rhythm that tells you that your next „wave of menstrual blood“ is coming, so you can go to the bathroom and release it. That’s all. Clean, simple and natural! .

No strings attached


Transition to a
product-free period

There are women who either acquired this technique naturally by themselves or learned it from others – like me. My name is Alisa, and I have learned this method from an Israeli doula and it literally changed my life. Now, my mission is to spread this jaw-dropping, yet simple technique across as many women as possible. If you want to  get touch with your feminine power and transition to a product-free period then this is your call.

Here is what you get when you enroll:

  • Choose: physical workshop (English/German) or individual session
  • A real alternative to tampons, pads or cups
  • The feeling of excitement when your time of the month knocks on your door
  • Reestablished natural approach to your menstrual cycle, emotions and femininity
  • Hands-on guide to facilitate the change towards a product-free period
  • Finally a good night sleep without tampons, pads or cups
  • BONUS: Email Coaching Support after the workshop/individual session

Why should you care?

Your Well-being

…You will be spending approximately 3.500 days menstruating in your life! Women often perceive their cycle as a burden that has no place in our modern society. Instead of embracing this part of our human experience, we conditioned ourselves to feel disgusted, annoyed or ashamed. This often results in a disconnection of your body and mind. This method is about regaining your intuitive connection and consciously creating your menstrual experience. You will save lots of unnecessary stress and unease, and will be able to transform the remaining menstruating days into your unique blissful days. This is your call to develop a mutual relationship with your body that is based on love, care and pure joy.

Your Health

…Feeling discomfort through the entering of an external object is often experienced by women. Instead of allowing the flow to come out naturally, we do the opposite – we “plug” it in. Learn how to listen more carefully to your body and how you can support it best during your individual cycle. Furthermore, disposable non-organic pads and tampons are packed with harmful chemical (e.g. dioxin, a by-product of the bleaching process).  Many women are not aware of how this can affect your overall physical and emotional health in the long-run.  Possible side effects are TSS, skin irritation, reproductive and development problems, and immune system suppression and more.

Your Environment

…One woman can use approximately 11.000 to 17.000 tampons in her lifetime. This is a lot of unnecessary waste results from packing, disposal and other processes throughout the supply chain. Companies often see this as a never ending flourishing market opportunity and neglect the responsibilities that come along with this task: reducing the ecological footprint and providing sustainable, chemical-free and useful alternatives for all women. In the last 100 years there has been almost no innovation (and research) in this industry. What is more, women started to be conditioned by ads that this is a “hygienic crisis” and we have no influence over our bodies. Most women started believing that they are not even able to handle light bleeding days without tampons and pads. Time to change this rigid paradigm!

“It is time to rethink periods.”