Enter a Deep Journey into Your Own Feminine

16th of June 2018, Vienna

Date: 16th of June, 2018
Time: 10.00am – 6.00pm
Location: Seminarhaus im Grünen, Vienna

The Feminine Awakening Seminar is a Self-Love Journey to heal and let go of blockages that are holding you back from true self-love, freedom and bliss.

Do you feel disconnected from your essence from time to time? Or do you feel being not good enough, not worthy enough? Do you have past experiences stuck in your system that you can’t get rid of?

Then, this is your chance to take action and transform this into sources of true power. Together, in a beautiful circle of women, we will release your blockages to living your authentic life and discover your unique connection to your own Feminine. You will open yourself up to infinite possibilities of deep sensuality, creativity and your intuition. This experience will give you grounded understanding of your true strength and awaken your potent qualities as a woman.  And though this, you will integrate greater grounding, courage and aliveness into your every day life. Let’s step in to your full spectrum of your Feminine through:

  • Sensual Movement
  • Feminine Nude Yoga
  • Shadow Work
  • Meditative Breathwork
  • Release Rituals