Professional Bio

Alisa is born in Moscow, Russia and grew up in Vienna, Austria. She speaks English, German and Russian fluently. In the course of her life she lived and worked in Slovakia, UK, Brazil and traveled to over 30 countries.

Alisa is a certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, women’s coach, corporate trainer and speaker. In the past years she worked with individuals, small groups and large audiences where she developed and delivered experiences on leadership development, soft skills and personal growth.

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Alisa has an academic background in business administration (behavior oriented management, entrepreneurship and innovation) and socio-ecological economics and policy. During her academic career, she focused on: work culture, corporate social responsibility, employee engagement and mindfulness, application of mindfulness in economics (health promotion behavior) and its potential to reduce hyperconsumption.

Alisa is a body-mind explorer and is on a mission to take as many people as possible with her on this journey.

My Story

“In the course of my life I have struggled multiple times with depression, anger problems, feeling of emptiness and abusive relationships. I developed all kinds of self-destructive mechanisms to numb my pain. Deep down I felt an unfulfilled desire of true human connection and sense of belonging. I had no clue of what to do with my life, or who I really am. And most importantly, I started telling myself that I am not worth of being loved, happy or successful.”

Yep, this is me. Or rather this was one version of myself not too long ago. Growing up was quite a challenge. Moving from Russia, to Slovakia and finally to Austria was tough. I was forced to change my entire environment and learn new languages as fast as possible. Paired with childhood traumas, all of this resulted in a depressive identity crises. I lost my desire to live entirely. My lifestyle focused on numbing my suffering. I felt out of control and did not give a f*ck about myself, or any other living being.

When I turned 17, I had an emotional breakdown and my first real breakthrough. I was so utterly disgusted who I have become, that I took a conscious decision to do anything in my power to change the course of my life. I had no clue what I need to do, but I was committed to figure it out. I asked myself, what do happy people have in common? Back then, my idea of happiness was having a good education, a serious career, enough money, a nice flat, and being in a relationship. So, I worked on this list.

It did not take long until I was on the “happy people track”. On the outside I was a functioning member of society but on the inside, I was still dying. The reality was, I did not like my work, nor my studies. Every cent I had was wasted on alcohol and other forms of numbing myself. My relationship was based on fear and expectations. I was hanging out with people that were mainly interested in getting a hangover the next day. I was underweight and felt disconnected from the world. Nothing has changed in the way I felt about myself and life.

This led to another major breakdown (surprise!). And finally, to the realization that I was looking for happiness in the wrong place. Peace of mind is not found in external material things. It is a way of processing life, moment to moment. Change did not come over night and it took (and still takes) a lot of work. After pouring through hundreds of books on psychology, spirituality and philosophy, I traveled to the Far East (thanks to my partner in crime – Chris) where I found healing in meditation and mindfulness.

“My journey did not stop there – it was just the beginning of a new Era.”

The intensive study of Buddhist teachings, meditation, yoga and other forms of practice transformed my life entirely. The biggest realization on my journey: anyone can access this state of being and create a life that he or she desires to live. This is exactly what I feel I am here for. I see my purpose in life in designing a space for others to grow, transform and rise up to their fullest potential. So, yeah. This is me. Or better phrased, this is another version of myself.


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