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Hi, I’m Alisa…

I am the Founder of Fem Flow and I am happy to welcome you here my love! What does it mean to be a woman? Well, let me tell you I still don’t have a final answer. But I am eager to take a closer look with you on topics that are a taboo in our society, but play a significant role in our well-being and health. Let’s be real and talk about menstruation, sex, self-worth and simply life. Fem Flow is a space for any woman who is interested in personal growth and a deeper connection with herself and other women.

It is a reminder that:
You Are Not Alone.

…and I am here to help you to rise up to your fullest potential!

Whether you want to join a workshop, women’s retreat, online program or work with me one-on-one: I am here for you. My mission is to elevate your experience of being a woman and to remind you what you are capable of.

  is about…

♡ Enriching women’s Menstrual Experience, Sexuality and Sensuality.
♡ Embracing women’s Inner Power to transform their lives.
♡ Inspiring women to own their Body, Mind and Soul.

Menstruation Release Workshop

This is your roadmap to a product-free period. Learn to listen to your body and consciously recognize the rhythm during your menstruation. More well-being and self-awareness even without tampons, pads or cups.

Seminars and Events

Facilitated self-discovery seminars and events that allow you to deepen the connection with your self and with other women around the world. Take a deep dive into topics like orgasmic sexuality, meaningful relationships or mastering your emotional roller coaster.


One-on-one coaching program for women that are ready not to behave, but to be brave. Together we break through rigid belief systems and unreflected behavior patterns. We step into your inner power to heal and to transform the area of your life that is holding you back. Be ready to be challenged and to open yourself up to a new world of possibilities.

Online Courses

The easiest way to learn the method of menstruation release is to get enrolled to the online course, with lots of video material, handbooks and further resources. This course will you to master your body and in this process to walk at your own pace and interact with other women online.

Upcoming Workshops and Seminars

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